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Which model for Iraq................

Salam blogged on a very important issue on Saturday. "The Kurdish Question in Iraq". I quite liked his honesty. I am a great fan of him. used to read most of his blog during the war. While I am very sorry that he couldn't go to Sulaimani during Eid but wish he could make it another time. It is worth it Salam trust me ;-)

Salam's confession is very true.. I have believed in what he just confessed for ages.. When I talk with Arab-Iraqis and ask them about the "Kurdish question" they say "hmmm yeah yeah federalism is very good".. I used to get this answer from everyone I talk to. But when I was reading message boards or watching TV programmes "They used to say the opposite.. "NO NO federalism will torn our Iraq apart etc etc.."

So I decided to send an email (with a different username obviously lol) to one of my Arab Iraqi friends and said that I was interested in his discussions and asked him "to explain what federalism means and what the Kurds want".
He totally got it wrong. Federalism (which means union) does not mean to torn Iraq apart. It means to unite Iraq. The reality is that some areas of Kurdistan were in fact independent from the rest of Iraq. We even had our own currency before 2004 ! So what the Kurdish political parties are now offering to the Iraqis is a project to re-unite Iraq.
There are also some Kurdish refusals of federalism among some Kurdish nationalists. They say that we don't need to be part of Iraq again. We have made it so far so great for 13 years and we should announce our independence. What is gonna happen ? Turkey on one hand can not intervene as they claim (being on the edge of becoming an EU member it can not invade another country). Iran and Syria are not in a very good position to give away any mistakes for a US-led invasion. The Americans do not want to turn their resting resorts (Kurdistan) into another Fallujah (just like William Safire says touch wood no US soldiers have been hurt in Kurdistan) . In fact if 2-3 million Kurds turn up to the streets and demand independence no one can stop them. It is a very serious matter in fact.

So which models shall we use for Iraq ? Learning from the past, the British model with some small changes is the best for Iraq. If you ask a Scottish in Scotland what is your nationality, he/she will say "Scottish ey !"... If you ask the same guy the same question outside U.K he/she will say "British" !
The Scots, the Welsh, the Irish etc all enjoy their full rights within the British boundaries...There is no seat for Sctoland in the United Nation but there is a seat for Britain....Can't we use the successful British model for Iraq with some small changes i.e. monarchy etc ?!

In this way, we can actually make a Kurd say that "S/he a Kurd at home and an Iraqi abroad" without fearing prosecutions.

I hope that the Iraqi bloggers would give me their ideal model for Iraq. Let's all share and discuss our future peacefully! Please speak out... don't be just be nice..say what you want to say.. make some noise lol !
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