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Another sell-out...

While the Kurdish political parties are trying to find a solution for the Kurdish question in Iraq, Paul Bremer III and the New Iraqis have already decided on "What Kurds want" ... Bremer and New Iraqis want Kurds to be part of Iraq..and that is it, without consulting Kurds..

But the strange part is, that they decided to force Kurds to be part of Iraq on their style...not the style that the Kurds demanded... i.e. "Kurds now get less that they had in 1991"...

The American Admin and the New Iraqis can't guarantee giving the "autonomy" which Saddam Hussein signed it by his hands on 11th of March 1970. That is why they delay a permenant agreement until 2006...So is there any faith in them ?

It seems that nor Paul Bremer, or the New Iraqis have any good intentions towards the Kurds. People already smell another "sell-out". The sell-out of 13 years of self-rule and democracy.

What I suggested for the Kurdish leaders was, give them your offer of being part of Iraq through a voluntary union of Kurdistan and Iraq in a federal Iraq, come back to Kurdistan and say:

"That is it, take it or leave it. We either be part of Iraq through a federal Kurdistan state, with our own resources and parliament, or we either declare independence"...
It is as simple as that. We are not ready to give-up what we have already struggled for. We have paid heavy prices for today's self-rule and we don't not compromise on it. We have lost estimated a Million lives for this, and we don't give up that easily.
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