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The establishment of Ansar Al-Islam.

(Due to high demands for the explanations of history of political Islam in Kurdistan, I am running this series to give details about how Ansar Al-Islam was established and what is its future.)

After the IMK (Islamic Movement of Kurdistan) took control of the border areas with Iran, these areas turned into a mini-Taliban state. Women had to wear scarf, Islamic rules were opposed on the people, music was banned, etc etc. The Kurdish town of Halabja (which was known before the chemical attack in 1988 as "Mini-Paris") turned into a base of Kurdish Islamic fundamentalists backed by Iran and other neighbouring countries.

Other Islamic parties were using more specific and modern techniques in reaching their goals. Islamic league of Kurdistan (whose leader was backed up by Saddam) and the (Islamic Union of Kurdistan) were using non-violent ways to win over people, i.e. money, rewards, etc.

Between 1999-2001, In some university and council elections in Sulaimani, Erbil (Hewler) and Dohuk, the Islamicists gained singnificant results. In the Sulaimani Council elections, they managed to get around %33. While in the Univeristy of Duhok the Islamic Union got %40.
Both KDP and PUK were shocked with the results. It was time for them to realise that their civil war aided the establishment of an Islamic base in Kurdistan.
Now in 2001, the Islamic parties were as follow: Hamas, Tawhid, The Second Soran Unit, The Islamic Union Movement, etc.

Just 8 days before the terrorist attacks on USA, on 1st of September of 2001, Kurds were shocked to wake up on the news about the establishment of the first armed-Islamic political party demanding the end of secularism in Kurdistan.
Islamic Second Soran Unit and the Tawhid Islamic Front merged to form Jund al-Islam (soldiers of Islam). This was the base for its succession to "Ansar Al-Islam". Three people who were known to be Kurds and Afghan Arabs, were appointed as the Majlis-Al-Shura (the Shura council) of the group.
Perhaps Osama Bin Laden knew what was going to happen. Probably he knew that his bases in Afghanistan will be wiped-out following his planned attacks on USA on September 11th 2001, so he wanted new bases. Or he wanted to spread global terrorism before his attack. (See how planned Al-Qaeda is ?!!!)..

Upon its establishment, the new group "Jundul Islam" asked for the destruction of the PUK and the KDP governments and the establishment of a Taliban-style government in Kurdistan. People were outrageous.
The goals of Jundul Islam, which was published and distributed among people were :

+ state of holy war against "the blasphemers and the secularists"
+The implementation of God's will
+The prohibition of any contact with secular parties
+The establishment of an Islamic administration conforming to the "Islamic Sunni religion."
+The merger of all Islamic parties under the Jund's control
+That no rule except "the Judgments of Islam" be accepted

Jundul Islam, was the first version of Ansar Al-Islam.

to be continued.....Next: The terror of Ansar Al-Islam and its semi-destruction.
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