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Kurdish uprising in Iranian Kurdistan in the recent days

"Long Live Federalism..Long Live Freedom.....Long Live Kurdistan..Death to Islamic State...Death to Khamaniee.." these are the slogans which the Kurdish protestors were shouting in Iranian Kurdistan on 9th of March 2004, hours after signing the Iraqi Constitutions in which a federal Kurdistan state was legalised in the Iraqi constitutions laws. [source Kurdish] [source in English]

Kurds burnt the Iranian flag and attacked Iranian security militias. Demanding their freedom, the crowd attacked official and governmental places.
Unfortunately, the world media did not take much interest in this. Apart from this report from AFP. In which it states that scores of 100s of Kurds were arrested following the incident.

These are signs that Kurds in Iranian Kurdistan are hungry for freedom. Hungry for their self-determination-rights, Kurds in Iranian Kurdistan were delighted when they heard the news from neighbouring Iraqi Kurdistan.
The time has come to stop saying "We shall not live freely because of our neighbours" We are not slaves of our neighbours anymore.
Iranian Kurds have had enough from Islamic terror and opression. The day for freedom has come nearer.
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