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My proposed Iraqi flag...

since the current Iraqi flag does not represent Kurds, Turkmens, Assyrians, Chaldeans etc etc, I have clome up with this idea to create a new flag which would represent all...

As you might be aware, in the KDP-controlled Kurdistan Regional Government, the Iraqi flag is not allowed to be risen along with the Kurdish flag, this is because today's Iraqi flag represents the failed union between three Arab countries (Iraq, Syria and Egypt) (three green stars)..and has nothing to do with Kurds, or any other ethnic groups..therefore it is a racist flag which only represents one ethnic group..

this is my draft, it is not very good (what can u do with paints ??!!)..

The red strip represents Sunni Arabs.. The black strip represents Shias.. the yellow Sun represents Kurds and the two green leaves (which supposed to be an olive leave and a wheat flower ) represents both Assyrian-Chaldeans (and all the other Christians) and the Turkmens..

what do u think ? ;-)

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