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perhaps music can unite Kurds and Arabs and Turkmens and Assyrians

Music is the only thing that can unite the whole world, not only Iraq.. After 1998, with the end of the Kurdish civil war, a great number of Kurdish singers were born...

Most of them are those Kurds who have fled Kurdistan and now live in Europe or USA.. We have lost tracks of counting new Kurdish singers nowadays..

This report says that a great number of Arab and Turkmen fans are now listening to Kurdish music.... and especially to Zakaria..

"I love the music, and I'm learning the words," said Retah Behnan, a 24-year-old Arab listener. "Hearing Kurdish music on the radio really makes you feel the change in Iraq. Besides, Arabic music all the time is boring."

Zakaria is a pop singer.. He is a modern, young singer who is being loved by all, young, old, women and men..

Perhaps we all can change to music and forget our stupid boring lives with politics..
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