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PLEASE HELP !!! Halabja is being repeated in Qamishili by Baathiest Arabs

Like it or not, Kurds are not being loved by a majority of Arabs....Reading Arabic newspapers, Kurds are always being linked to their enemies such as Israel and America...They sometimes even find justifications for the massacres conducted by Iraq against Kurds.. like "Kurds are agents of Israel and America and Iran and Saddam was just defending himself"

Around 2-3 Million Kurds are living in Syria (just like Iraqi Kurdistan, there is North Eastern Syria (which Kurds call Western Kurdistan) [map].. Arabs in these areas backed by Syrian army and security and intelligence forces have killed hundreds of Kurds in the last 7 days of what is called now as "The Kurdish uprising in Syria"..

Kurds are not allowed to have Kurdish educations in Syria and are deprived from almost all of their basic human rights. It is the 21st century and there are still people who can not speak their own language [WAKE UP KOFI ANNAN AND THE UNITED NATIONS...WHAT ARE YOU FOR..THE WORLD IS ASLEEP I guess]...

The US state department has issued this statement in regards to the Kurdish uprising in Syria :
"We have made our concerns known, and we reiterate our call upon the government of Syria to stop suppressing nonviolent political expression,"
"Citizens of Kurdish descent have been protesting the lack of equal rights and in the ensuing violence, the authorities have not only killed and injured demonstrators, but also clamped down hard on normal life in cities where there's a Kurdish majority."

But are words enough ?
Now some people might say "We are not allowed to intervene in internal issues"..But this is what was said when Saddam Hussein killed 100 000s Kurds...In 1988..The world was asleep...No one did anything to help these people at that critical time.. But after 15 years, the Kurds of Halabja and Anfal were important ..The people who said "we can't intervene in internal issues" are now saying "If you want prove that Saddam Hussein had WMD, visit Halabja and ask Kurds"..
These [pictures] show how an army of an entire terrorist country is oppressing Kurds.. Nearly all the Kurdish males over 14 have been arrested in Syria.. .. Thousands are injured [pictures]..

Arab tribesmen and Syrian army are still continuing their massacre.. Once they suppress the uprising, they will start destroying Kurdish villages and towns [Same as Saddam Hussein did to suppress the Kurdish uprising in Iraq]..

Please help us... The world leaders, the human rights organisations...Koffi Anan and the United Nations... All the other people help us to stop this massacre..
In the end, I would like to thank the countries who divided Kurds among Syria and Iraq and Turkey and Iran...We are really enjoying life in our new states... Thank You !
Life is great.. We are being massacred and killed by thousands ... What else do we want ??
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