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Remember HALABJA 16 years on over the massacre...

Perhaps this year the Kurds in Halabja do not cry like they did before... This year, is different.... The conductors of Halabja, the people who ordered to gas an innocent city with chemical weapons are now in custody (Thank u Bush ;-).
On this day 16 years ago, 16th of March 1988, the Iraqi jets bombed the Kurdish city of Halabja with chemical weapons, killing estimated 5000 innocent civilians instantly, and injuring more than 15000 instantly..To this day, more people die due to cancer and genetic disorders etc...

Following the massacre of Kurds in the Kurdish town of Qamishilo in this week, the Kurds are surprised that no international comments have been made regarding this issue.. (Hello Bush & Blair ?!! r u there??) but anyways ...

Let 16th of March be the International Day for banning chemical weapons.. No to WMD.. No to dictatorship..Yes for Self-Determination-Rights and peace !

some pictures from Halabja !


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