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some jokes to make your day..

Are Kurds Italians ?

I just a report from Yahoo News... It is about the Arab settlers in Kirkuk...Apparently one of them is...

Muhanad Sabah Naeimi, a 25-year-old unemployed Sunni who arrived seven years ago, insisted that Kirkuk belongs to Arabs rather than Kurds, whom he described as migrants from Europe.

"Kurds are from southern Europe," Naeimi said. "They came from Italy...This is a known fact."

Another Arab settler is...

Sheik Ahmed Khalaf, a cleric in the Arab village of Bir Dahab, insisted that Saddam favored the Kurds because "they didn't serve in the army and didn't have to fight in wars."

Ahmed Abu Khomra protested angrily when asked about Saddam's oppression of the Kurds, insisting "Saddam didn't attack families and children."

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