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some words about President Bush..

the guy is damn funny... I don't care about what they say about him but he is the one who managed to destroy two tyrant-istan in the world (Saddam Hussein's dictatorship in Iraq and Taliban's kill-istan in Afghanistan)...

why people can not see this bright side of him ? Even if it was for his country's interests, he has made the free world a big favour by destroying Taliban and Saddam Hussein.

He may be very famous in Kurdistan and during the war last year you could have seen his picture everywhere. His cowboy style of talking makes everyone laugh(even when he is threatening)..

Have a look at this picture of him with the Chinese First Lady lol, if the married Kurdish fans see this, they never want him to meet their wives lol just ask the Chinese President, HO.. .Who ? (oh HO?!! but HO Who ??? hoo hoo )
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