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something for a change...

when Salam Pax talks about me and my blog he always says I am not really sure he would like it if I called him Iraqi .. :-) .. now this would make me stop for a while and think...hmmmmmmmmmmm do I really want to be called an Iraqi ?

I am sure being called an "Iraqi" would not bite, would it ? hmmmmm it depends to be honest.. it depends on how Iraqis translate the word "Iraqi"..

The common thing that most Kurds are upset with is that Iraqis say "Hey we all are Iraqis and there is no difference between Kurds, Arabs, etc...but Iraq is part of the Arab nation".. I mean hang on a minute, if we all are Iraqis and there is no difference between us, how can Kurds be part of the Arab nation ? Anyways this was in the past and there are little people who say this now..

Now, back to the line "it depends on how Iraqis translate the word Iraq"... If Iraqis say, look you people called "Kurds", you live in your own federal government controlling and ruling yourselves and enjoying your self-determination-rights, and we live in our own part and we both co-operate to work for a country that has got nothing to do with being Kurdish, or Arabic, or any other ethnic groups, and no one will impose any rules on anybody"...I would be terribly happy to say "HELL YES I AM AN IRAQI"...

but if Iraqis translate the word "Iraqi" into being "Arabic, Shia, or any other words", then I would take a second and think about it, "Hey... this word Iraq does not represent me, and I live as a minority who has to say "YES SIR" to the majority, then I would say "Someone get me out of here, I am not Iraqi".. because simply it would not benefit me..

Now to the current situation, it seems that the Iraqi political parties translate the word "Iraqi" into my first option, which is was based on federalism, then yes I would accept if I was called Iraqi..

But what worries me is the latest Oxford Researchers Iraqi National Survey, an astonishing %80 refused "Federalism", while %14 (who were Kurds in the Kurdish governates) said YES.... I mean %80 is something which should be taken seriously... Perhaps the Iraqis are new to the open-democratic world and it takes some time for them to understand the situation..And I hope that in the coming few years there won't be any problems with federalism...I just hope that the Iraqis would not force us to say "Someone get me out of here, I am not Iraqi".. ..

P.SI am working on my next series of "Political Islam in Kurdistan"... seems to a while..
and I am also working on creating a new Iraqi flag, for everyone ! but my lack of creativity is annoying me..I have the idea but I just can't translate it into computer data.. I try my best next time..

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