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I was about to post a new post on the situations in Kirkuk but the BooooooM happened in Basra so I thought it would be stupid to comment on anything else rather than the bombings in Basra..

I was really thinking that the American siege of Fallujah is helping to prevent the suicide bombings.. and it actually have stopped the frequent suicide bombings (before we were hearing about 2-3 incidents per week) and now ...well once a month...

I am concentrating on the possibility that during that cease-fire between the rebels and the Americans, there were some journeys in and out of Fallujah under the name of "humanitarian aid" or "taking the wounded to Baghdad hospitals" but you never know if these were actually responsible for the Basra terrorist attacks..

It seems that these suicide attacks are very well organised.. A person does not just blow himself up.. They are going through a series of misled-information about Islam and at the end they persuade them to give their lives to their believes..

Thankfully, 20 terrorist Kurds have been arrested in Sualiamania this week by the PUK.

The Americans and the Iraqi Governing Council should make sure that ordinary Iraqis are on their side, this can be done by providing jobs, educations and entertainments....if you make them busy with their lives, no one thinks about using force..

Furthermore, there were some arrests of Kurds in Britain under British Terrorism Acts..There is something called "Hawalla", when a person sends money from Europe or any part of the world to Kurdistan or any part of the world (and vice versa) via agents.. You pay a tax of $6 per each $100 (it varies from person to another) ....

These people (agents) then give the money to bigger companies which have business in Dubai or Kuwait or Saudi and then the money arrives Kurdistan via some unknown ways..

What can be realised is that most of these (agents) who deal with Hawalla are religious. You can not imagine how much money enters Kurdistan each week via this process (Hawalla)...Most of the Kurds in Europe work full-time and send their extra-cash back home to help families or to buy more properties..

I guess that the arrested Kurds in Britain were linked to the Hawalla business which is being widely used by Al-Qaeda for money transfer.

Never forget the sayings "A good terrorist is a dead one".

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