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The "Iraq" that US wanted may not happen...

Guys how are you doing all ? I have been a bit busy lately and couldn't keep up with your interesting comments..

I would like to say a few things that are go around in my mind..

First of all, Paul Bremer got scared from my 1st of April joke and he decided to phone up President Bush and tell him "Hey Mr. President, we never thought that a few Iraqi translators and a few cookers and cleaners may get him out"...Probably Bush has said "Get Him Out" to Qatar then..Story here.

Moving on to Fallujah.. I think this current event has dramatic events about the American dream of a model Iraq.
Perhaps Iraq will be a democratic country, but not the way the Americans want.. Following the killing of about 650 people in Fallujah it will not have a good reaction from the other Iraqis.
Look at it in this way, say you are a man with no interest in politics, you once hear that an occupation army has killed 650 from you in your neighbouring city, it makes you feel angry and pushes you to do something about it..
That is what is happening across South and Middle Iraq (Sunni and Shia)...Anti-US and occupation feelings are very tense and high at this moment.. This is not in US favour.

Now if there were any elections in the future, Radical Islamicists and far right Iraqi Nationalists will definitely win ! And this is not in the US favour either !

What the Americans are doing is that they are uniting the Shias and the Sunnis against them, something that Al-Qaeda was trying to do for ages. But the Americans have done it by themselves..
Instead of usign heavy military to attacka town like Fallujah, what they could have done was using intelligence to target specific people, like leaders of the resistance or radical clerics. What they had to avoid was to create mass-anti-civilians military operations...at the same time, providing jobs and education and entertainments to ordinary civilians..

Perhaps it is a bit late now, but it is never late for a re-draft of Iraq. History is a witness that the "model Iraq" that Briton wanted in the 1920s never happened. The united democratic free "model Iraq" which US wants may never happen. But what could happen is a quick work-out of the primary plans.

We have a Kurdish proverb "Fighting is better than doing nothing"..that is what exactly is going on in Fallujah.

We also heard that South Korea will send 3600 troops to Kurdistan and specifically Sulaimania and Hewler (Erbil) provinces, hmmmmmmmmmm are they being sent for "holiday" or what ?!! lol
if they want to keep the peace then Fallujah is the place where it lacks peace.. I wish that they are not "soldiers"..otherwise they will be bored...There are no fightings in Kurdistan apart from normal crimes and the Kurdish police are doing their bits. . I wish that the 3600 South Koreans are scientists, doctors, engineers, and other useful people...

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