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Message for Bremer : Terrorise Al-Sadder before he terrorises us

So Muqtada Sadder has called to terrorise his enemies which include "Coalition forces and the Kurds" yeah ? This young kid who acts as a teenager does not know nothing apart from terror. He is the most hated person in Kurdistan after Saddam Hussein.

His last message to the Kurds was "to the citizens of Northern Iraq, I dont' say Kurds because they are Iraqis and are no different from us, stop assisting the coalition forces"....May I say Muqtada that we are assisting the coalaition because we want to help people like you... We are not obliged to be part of your kingdom.. We are not following you and we are not supporting you... We do not want to be part of your Iranian plans....

Now Muqtada wants to be the president of Iraq, which was liberated by the Coalition Forces.. Just yesterday, his troops killed 7 US soldiers and injuried 24... where were they just one year ago ?

Mr. Bremer; why Muqtada is still allowed to have his own government inside your Iraq ??? He has a completely Islamic government right under your nose, yet you fail to do anything about it.

Where were you Mr Muqtada Sadder while Saddam was sucking up your blood ?

I have one thing to say against this Iranian agent..."Terrorise him before he terrorises us"... A couple of Israeli tips would help here....They are great in dealing with these kinda people.. If Bremer gives a green light to his termination, it will be the right decision..there might be some unrest for a few days but there will be a great positive effect for long-term..

It is officially a war.. and freedom-loving people will lose nothing.. it is not us who started it...

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