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More on the South Koreans troop deployment..

We heard that the South Korean mission will be to assist reconstructions... That sounds good..There are now hundreds of projects in Kurdistan which need employers and skills.. I guess that they might help in finishing off the two newly built airports (Bakrajo Airport in Sulaimani and Hewler Airport in Hewler (Erbil) )...

Some good news for the South Koreans, there will be no fighting in these areas. People in Kurdistan are more worried going to picnics on weekends rather than watching the news about Fallujah...
So if there are any soldiers among the South Korean dispatch they will be dead bored..

Moving on to Fallujah...What the US do is that they should provide jobs and education and etnertainment for these people so that they would get busy with something useful rather than fighting..
If you don't get a proper education, and have no jobs, no entertainment, you will end up carrying a weapon and shooting it..It is still not too late ...

update on Fallujah :
The current president of the Iraqi Governing Council and the president of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, said yesterday that Kurdish Peshmargas (military) did not participate in the fightings in Fallujah.

There were rumours made by the pro-Turkey Turkmen Shia Council and the Iraqi Turkmen Front that units from the Peshmarga were fighting alongside the Americans in Fallujah.

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