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Peaceful Independence or Chaotic Union ?

Raed indicated yesterday to the possibility of an Arab-Kurd war. I guess he has come up to this conclusion when he had heard of the reports on the participation of the Peshmarga in the Fallujah fighting.

Whether Kurds have participated in Fallujah or no, there comes a question, why "Iraqis" view Kurds as "Iraqis" when it comes to their interest, and as "Kurds" when it is not in their interest.
If "Kurds" are "Iraqis" according to the "Iraqis", then the participation of the Peshmargas in Fallujah is regarded as an "Iraqi" force bringing peace and stability to that region. And if "Kurds" are not "Iraqis" according to the "Iraqis" and hence they are not allowed to intervene in "Iraqi issues", then why all the fuss about a "United Iraq" ?
Something I don't understand.

We are now feeling like we are stuck in a middle of a dead-ends road. We can not do anything to improve our lives because we call ourselves "Iraqis" and the other Iraqis in South and Middle are not happy with the current situation. Because we are "Iraqis" then we have to be sad because other Iraqis are sad about the current situation (despite we are happy about the liberation which others call occupation).

This report in the Los Angels Times is showing it very clearly that current events is increasing Kurdish frustrations with Iraq (thanks LA Times for reaching our voices across to the Yankees)

The situation is getting worse.. Foreigners are being kidnapped everyday and this is threatening turning the country into boring place just for Iraqis (I love Foreigners) !

This is a great threat to us..Since April the 9th, 2003, we have had thousands of international teams visiting Kurdistan...Cultural teams, political parties, traders, international companies, etc etc and this has given a boost to the life of ordinary people... We used to hear about a new country sending a "team" almost everyday... but now it has stopped.

Now the stoppage of life in Baghdad means the stoppage of life in Kurdistan since we don't have any international airports (Hewler International Airport is not international yet !!!)

I hope that the current situations gets peaceful very very soon....Otherwise a "United Iraq" does not worth stop breathing..
A man stopped breathing for 10 minutes and he died.. It is been 2 weeks and we haven't breathed.
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