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So...they want a United Iraq huh ?

so we Kurds have to sit and watch the Shias and the Sunnis fighting the Americans 24/7 and do nothing about it..
We are gutted that we can't go forward because we see the Coalition Forces as "liberators" and they see them as "occupiers"..
I don't see any reasons why the Kurdish leaders are silent about this and they don't unite with their people..
Massoud Barzani is now the president of the Iraqi Governing Council and yesterday we saw him with the other 4 Kurdish members of IGC having a meeting in the PUK headquarter in Baghdad..
What the hell are these leaders doing in Baghdad ? It is been one year and I fear that things are going backward instead of forward..
We can't live our own normal lives because some Shias and Sunnis are not happy about the presence of the Americans..
If these uprisings go on in Iraq I will be happy if our leaders concentrated more on the "Referendum" process rather than on Baghdad.. Life is impossible like this..
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