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when u lose all your hopes..even with a new flag..

I seriously did not want to blog at all today..This is because a person needs "HOPE" in order to talk about something positive..

First of all the flag, well I was amused.. I have a friend who designed something similar..and indeed very very similar in concept of style... Excluding the Islamic symbol...but do we actually need an Islamic symbol in our flag ? Do we have to mix between Politics and Religion even in our flag ? O.K if some countries i.e. Sweden, England, etc have religious symbols in their flag then it is ok.. I guess....Here is what Dastan Shaways has created..
But why yellow represents Kurds ? the yellow is a sign of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) which is headed by Barzani, the current Iraqi Governing Council president..

I guess it comes from the Kurdish Sun which is in the Kurdistan flag. I guess so.. The Sun was also a sign for Kurds' old religion of Zardoshtianism.

Oh...Happy Birthday Saddam..Today is 28th of April marking the dictator's 67th birthday..Well this one is different for him...Entirely different.. This time he is in Jaill...So the staff at his prison should tell him at least "Happy Birthday"..though he gets no presents...
I think he should be given a small cake with a print of his picture as it was on 13th of December...That would be a great present for him..just imagine when he opens the box to see his ugly face on a cake... heheh Happy Birthday Sad (damn).

I don't even wanna talk about Fallujah..What these people are doing.. For God's sake the whole country is stuck up on you guys.. not to forget the young cleric who wants to be the president ...

all these upsetting news make me hopeless... at least this article gives me some hope..
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