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who learns from who ?!!!

I am very disappointed and very sad to hear about the American abuse allegations. I have seen the pictures and they are appalling.
Abu Ghareb is the nightmare that all were scared off, including Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Turkmens etc. On 9th of April 2003 we all thought that this place is gone for ever. But what the hell ?!! Now it is worse than before.

It seems that the Americans have learnt from the Baathiests. The US army who was supposed to teach us democracy and human rights respect seems to have forgotten these values themselves.

This American soldier called Staff Sergeant Chip Frederick, said he had no support or training in running prisons.

He said he did not see a copy of the Geneva Convention rules for handling prisoners of war until after he was charged... What the faa.... ?!!! He hasn't seen a Geneva Convention ? Does he know what it is ? The Geneva Convention is what the Americans came to teach us.. They haven't seen it... God Bless Us.

Everyday we lose more and more hope.... This is the worst thing that could happen...

With all these happening...the CPA keeps reminding us on TV every half an hour ...(Both in Kurdish and Arabic)... New Iraq is the Iraq of peace and hope... but where is the hope ? allow peace for the moment...

They say that Amal and Hiwa (both means hope) were killed while trying to kiss in public.... Ashti & Salam (both means Peace) are also reported missing after they were arrested near Fallujah.. (only rumours)...

Let's all wait until Mrs and Mr Hope and Peace arrive.

P.S. Peace = (In Kurdish Ashti) (In Arabic Salam).. Hope (In Kurdish Hiwa) (in Arabic Amal)..

Both these two words are used as names. In Kurdish... Ashti (Peace) is a female name and in Arabic Salam (peace) is a male name.
Vice versa. Hiwa (Hope) in Kurdish is a male name... and Amal (Hope) in Arabic is a female name...

So let's all wait for the couples Hiwa & Amal ... Salam & Ashti to arrive and lighten up the place...

(that is if rumours were not true)...

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