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globalization and Iraq..
Muqtada Sader and Terrorists Destroy Kurdish Hopes !

On May 25th of 2004, a plane carrying the Kurdish Prime Ministers (both from PUK & KDP Kurdistan regional governments) was supposed to fly from Hewler to London to hold the Kurdistan Gateway Conference in which Foreign companies were being asked to invest in Kurdistan and Iraq.

Unfortunately, the KurdistanCorporation has now decided to postpone the event to September !!! DAMN...They say that south and middle Iraq is not stable...SO WHO GIVES A DAMN ?! There is every single aspects of peace and stability in Kurdistan !! Why shouldn't we go forward ? Muqtada and Ex-Baathiests want to live in the dark ages why should we be forced to live in the dark ages too ?!!

Why should we be bound to what Muqtada Sader does ! Ex-Baathiests and Muqtada men and many others do not want to see the effects of globalization (free market in American) and (Global Economy Control in some other languages).

President Bush and the US Administration want a "United Free Democratic Iraq"..We all agree on this.. But wait a moment ?!! How is this being welcomed in Iraq ?!!

It has been more than one year and still there is no peace.. This is not America's fault. It is the fault of the ex-Baathiests and Muqtada men and mixed Arab-Iraqi nationalists and the Al-Qaeda..

Simply these people (who are now in majority) want the Americans to fail..And so far there are signs that they are winning..

In Kurdistan, people are building and doing their best to go forward and catch up the whole world..We are so much behind.. We feel like we have the energy to turn into another Germany or Japan....
We are feeling like a Marathon runner and forced to pull a bus with us in the race..

I am looking at Eastern Europe, 10 years ago they were so much behind..Now they all are turning into industrial nations.. (So I don't think this is bad) ... I don't know if globalization is good or bad !! But as far as Kurdistan concerned, we don't have that many industries in Kurdistan..So if SONY or IBM or LEVIS or any other big company come and invest in Kurdistan, I don't think it is gonna affect the Kurdish industry..In fact it is stregnthening it.. !!

I personally would like to see all the big companies to come and invest in Kurdistan...Labour is very cheap and the Kurdish governments give great help to those who want to invest..
If the current situation goes on, globalization will at the end of the day, naturally divide Iraq.. What we have in Iraq is, a pro-western people in North (Kurdistan) and an extremely anti-western people in south and middle..
If the current situation continues, no companies would want to invest in south and middle Iraq because of the security situations, and more companies will arrive in Kurdistan.. This naturally will create a two entirely divided countries..

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