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Institutional Racism...Iraq...and Iraqis...

I was just watching Al-Sharqiya, the new Iraqi channel which calls itself the "Television of the Truth" and is supposed to be a free T.V station, they had an interview with a KDP guy in Baghdad, the lady was asking her in a very rude way "You Kurds are only %20 how can you ask for something big like a Prime Minister post ?" ....I was nodding my head...and said hmmmmmm... Institutional Racism can do great harm !!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Iraq is infected with large institutional racism.. And yet the Iraqis do not realise it..I don't blame Iraqis for being racist, I blame the former Iraqi government and the Arab T.V stations.

For example, the former Iraqi government had created "us" and "them".. Kurds were "them" and Iraqis were "us".. "them" was bad because allegedly, was working with the enemies of "us", Israel, USA, Iran and you name it. So "them" had no rights and was meant to be terminated. Some of the people of "them" who were helping "us" were good ! Are you lost ?! lol
Another example, Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabia, etc. They were showing a video clip about Fallujah and Najaf...A civilian was talking on TV and he was saying "These Kurds are working with the US and they are attacking us... what do they want from us ?" Note the words us and them.. And this was being repeated 1000s to the Arab world.. Now if an ordinary Arab watches this, he will systematically starts hating Kurds..

Another example, Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, a newspaper published by a Saddam Hussein lover, Abdul Bari Atwan, he still calls Osama Bin Laden as "Sheikh" or "Sir". He usually puts a headline "Kurds did blah blah to Arabs"... "Kurds did that to Arabs" ...

All these examples have great impacts on Iraq...Just after publishing these reports, an Iraqi blogger, Raed, published this :

The decreasing possibility of having a Sunni-Shia war increases the possibility of starting an Arab-Kurd one..

He fell to the racism trap.

Another fallen Iraqi into the racism trap is the extremely anti-western Iraqi blogger, RiverBend,
Note what she says on Ansar Al-Islam :

Ansar Al Islam are a fundamentalist militant group- mostly Kurdish- based in the north of Iraq. .

O.K. dear Iraqis, so shall Kurds accuse the whole Arab nation just because the planes which bombed us with chemical weapons were Arabs ?!
Shall we generalise the whole Arab nation just because the soldiers who conducted the genocidal Anfal operations were Arabs ?!
Shall we start a hatred campaign against Arabs just because we have suffered on the hands of a few Arabs ?!

The answer is no ! We should never generalise ! There are many good Arabs.. But unfortunately, only the bad ones are getting a chance to speak on media.. and these ones are infecting the minds of thousands !

I strongly suggest that Paul Bremer III (hello Paul are you busy eating chicken-pie ;-) ?) or the Iraqi Governing Council should issue a law that bans mentioning ethnic groups name on T.V.
Al-Jazeera's generalisation is not the freedom of speech. It is an act of inciting racism that affects the minds of millions across the suppressed Arab worlds ! (suppressed by a group of racist dictators) !

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