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Investments and the new row over PM/President.

Yesterday in a meeting at the Dukan resort, in Sulaimania, Iraqi Kurdistan, the Kurdish leaders of PUK and KDP have met and have told the Americans "We won't just do any jobs in Iraq". It is either Prime Minister , President or we pull out.

Washington Post has some information on it. What WashingtonPost has missed to say is that "If the Kurdish leaders step down from their demand they will lose their jobs because they have stepped down from many rights and the Kurdish people are not happy with them at all"...

The London investment conference is back.. This time is a one day thing on 6th of June 2004 in London.. this website has it all KurdistanGateway

The other Kurdish government which is based in Sulaimania, has also started its own campaign of encouraging foreign investments in Kurdistan, the website is www.kinvest.org but it says "under construction"..If you an investor you can email shielan@kinvest.org

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