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Kurds & Paul Bremer

US pressure on Kurds to give up rights
When Jay Garner was removed and Paul Bremer the third replaced his place, everything got messed up for Kurds.

Last week, Bremer visited the Kurdish leadership and demanded that they should step down from their demands.
One of the Kurdish demands is, that the next Iraqi Prime Minister or President should be a Kurd, this is because we want to ensure that we are actually participating in the political life in Iraq. This is also a guarantee that another genocide will not be repeated against the Kurds in the future (take into account the very hostile anti-Kurdishness at this moment in Iraq)

I don't know if it is Paul Bremer or the American Adminstration. But Bremer is the American ambassador.
Last week, Bremer's man in Kirkuk said that Kirkuk is not Kurdistan. Bear in mind that the whole Kurdish struggle with the former Iraqi governments were over Kirkuk. All the negotiations with the former Iraqi governments have failed because of Kirkuk..

Not just Bremer says Kirkuk is not Kurdistan, he opposes the return of the Kurdish refugees. So far nothing has been done for the Kurdish refugees. These people were having houses, cars, etc living a good life when they were kicked out from their house by Saddam Hussein. They have lived in tents, some since 1975, and it is one year since the liberation, and yet they are not liberated.

Some of the Arab settlers, who mostly are Shia Arabs and are loyal to the terrorist young trouble-maker, Muqtada Sadder, do actually want to go back to their homes in southern Iraq if the government give them homes and money (compensation).

We are seeing this on a daily basis.. Thankfully Washington Times did actually reported this last week.

According to Hawlati, the Kurdish leadership will not step down from its demands. If they did, they wil face huge pressure from the Kurdish people.

By the way, has anyone told Mr. Bremer that all our negotiations with the former Iraqi governments, including Saddam's government, have failed because of the issue of Kirkuk ?!

Our patience has limits. We are silent but we will not be silent against oppression.

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