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Let's keep the liberation a liberation

After seeing the torturing pictures by the US soldiers, I now find it very difficult to argue that the US presence in Iraq is a liberatoin. I have been told several times "Do you call these pictures liberation ?, if yes, then what do you call an occupation"

The PUK leader, Jalal Talabani, said that these actions are nothing to compare with the treatment of Saddam Hussein with Iraqis...But one question to be asked here:

If someone tells you, do you want 2 punches in the face or in the shoulders ??? What would you say ?

I would say NONE THANKS. What Talabani is saying that Iraqis should say "YES 2 in the shoulders please. At least that is better than in the face.
The US administration should bring those soldiers to justice in order to protect its liberatoin honour. Otherwise we can't continute to call the US presence in Iraq as a "Liberation"..

Moving to globilisation effects on Kurdistan...WOW wow wow... I am sure that we cant see this today... But I think in the next 5 years there will be a great impact... Just like when Communism fell in Eastern Europe, it took a while for them to breath..

Everyday in the news , we hear about very strange names coming to Kurdistan in order to build either buildings, shopping centres, universities, roads, oil companies, airports, tunnels etc etc.. It is a massive process... spreading like a flu virus...

We have also developed these kinda commercial adverts on our TVs....From mobile phones to household machines, etc etc etc..
What I notice is that some Iranian companies are also benefiting from the war on Saddam..There are now a great number of Iranian companies working in Iraqi Kurdistan...I think they are benefiting from the fact that they are our neighbours.. therefore they don't pay much transport fees..

If you want to build a company in Kurdistan, you will be given free industerial lands, and you will pay no tax for 5 years.. www.kurdistancorporation.com will guide you through..
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