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more Kurdish blogs in English

5 Hours North of Baghdad is a blog of an American woman visiting Kurdistan. It is a great blog ! Very lively and once you start reading you don't stop till the last dot ! Waitingplace is her current blog ! I guess she is a double blogger !

Medya is a Kurd from East (Iranian) Kurdistan. He has just finished his high school exams and he wants to get good grades to go to a university in Canada or USA !

There is also a list of Kurdish bloggers writing in Kurdish but I guess most of the readers here wouldn't have a clue about it..

I have written an article to the indepdendent Kurdish weekly "Hawlati" hoping they will publish it. I am talking about blogging ! I hope that they would publish it and then I hope that the number of Kurdish bloggers (in English) would increase dramatically !

Let's keep waiting....
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