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Nicholas Berg's video...Is it fake or authentic .. updated

I have been thinking about his killing for long..After seeing the video, I was shocked for the first time.. I saw it first on Al-Arabia TV and they didn't show the moment where Al-Zarqaw is cutting off his head...I hoped it was just something to scare the Americans..


The video is edited.
At the moment where (Al-Zarqawi) wants to kill Mr. Berg the time is at 2.44 (now Mr. Berg was alive at this time).
At the time where he is grounded on the floor. the time is at 13.45.

What the hell is going on ? Was he not killed ? Or was he killed and then beheaded ?!!

Another striking observation :
The person who is reading the statement who is supposed to be (Al Zarqawi) is wearing a black mask. At time 13.46 the clock jumps to 13.47.47 (about one minute) and this time the man who was cutting Mr. Berg is wearing a white mask. This is the tallest guy who was standing next to Al-Zarqawi.

Was Zarqawi having difficutlies to cut off Mr. Berg's head ?!!

Earlier post.

Now I have some doubts :

1) I have looked several times... Mr. Berg is moving while Al-Zarqawi is reading the statement..So he is alive !! He is not dead !! Look at the video and observe this ! But what about the blood claims ? I have seen sheeps being beheaded and a lot of blood is being pumped out from the arteries for at least 5-10 minutes...

2) It seems that Mr. Berg is unaware of the excution.. But he makes no resistance (how could he, his hands are tightened)..

3) There is some noise and shouting in the background.. This one is different.. it seems that there are some people who are scared by the incident.. (I might be totally wrong).. But you hear people shouting from terror.. It is different from the (Allahu Akbar slogans)..I was thinking that other US or Foriegn hostages were witnessing this ?!! (Might be totally wrong).

4) I have looked at the moment when (Al-Zarqawi) is pulling Mr. Berg's head. There is no movement in Mr. Berg at this moment. Then, at the moment when Al-Zarqawi is supposed to be beheading Mr. Berg, the camera zooms in and out ?!! The graphics is very bad.. I can't not conclude that it is fake.. But I have some doubts.. Why the camera has to zoom in and out ?!!
5) I have seen sheeps and cows being beheaded.. Sometimes there are noises comnig out from their throat as the beheading takes place.. After the camera zooms in and out for several seconds, the zoom goes back to the original place and we hear noises which just sound they are actually cutting his vocal strings ? (Are they ?!?!)
6) Then...they all stop shouting (Allahu-Akbar) and are quite for a few seconds, one of them says something not-understandable sounds like (ei gologologolo) then they all say (Allahu-Akbar..Allahu-Akbar)
7) After this, now this is scary...Everyone is quite, and Al-Zarqawi is carrying out his beheading... Then there are some background voices... One of them is actually sounds like (Are we done ??!) .then the audio is cut off.. We see Zarqawi carrying Mr. Berg's head... But not a single drop of blood falls from his head.. (Strange).. (watch this video and it is at timing = 38 seconds)

8) The timing ?!!! It is either Al-Qaeda are very stupid or as some comentators said (they might be working for USA)..have a look at this

It shows President Bush holding a dossier of Iraqi Prioners Abuse Allegation saying "Al-Zarqawi.. You are serving me more than CIA and Israel.. Thank u for saving me in the right time)

There are thousands of other speculations.. Read the Al-Jazeera Report.

At the end of the day.. We are talking about a person's life.. Bear in mind that this is not the first time terrorist Ansar Al-Islam behead people..


I can not conclude that the video is fake or not. But I can not conclude that it is authentic too.
God Bless all the victims of terrorism.
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