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To the South Koreans: You are welcomed in Iraqi Kurdistan….

In the past few days, a group of South Korea officials are busy meeting with regional Kurdish ministers in order to determine what roles the South Korean troops will have in Iraqi Kurdistan.
The people in Iraqi Kurdistan are generally very happy with the news they see on the Kurdish televisions. We see South Korean officials discussing “reconstruction” matters with the Kurdish regional ministers. In a report from Kurdistan TV, we saw a group of South Korean officials discussing creating a modern road in the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, Hewler. In another meeting that was reported by KurdSat TV, we heard that the South Koreans will help to improve the Kurdish universities in Iraqi Kurdistan. We have also seen a delegation of South Korean businessmen discussing investment opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan.
It is true that Iraqi Kurdistan wasn’t affected by the recent war in Iraq, but we definitely need the help of a modern country like South Korea in order to help us in modernising our country.
Most people in Iraqi Kurdistan hope that the South Korean troops will consist of engineers and professionals so that they can help us rebuild and reconstruct our country.
I read that there was an anti-troop-dispatch in Seoul recently. I would like to assure these people who have demonstrated against the dispatch that their troops will not fight in Kurdistan. There are no peace keeping missions to be held in Iraqi Kurdistan. Iraqi Kurdistan is relatively safe and the Kurdish police are doing their best to keep the region safer. South Koreans will not be attacked. We don't attack those who have come to help and assist us in reconsturction.
South Korean troops mission will be to help the Kurds to reconstruct the region. Perhaps helping in building the two new airports, improving the Kurdish universities, helping in building modern roads, building modern societies, supporting democracy, and other humanitarian works.
Generally the people in Iraqi Kurdistan do not see the US-led coalition presence as an invasion. I would like to assure every South Korean citizen that the 3500 South Korean troops presence in Iraqi Kurdistan will be a good favour for the people of Iraqi Kurdistan. We will never forget your help.
Zor supas (thank you very much in Kurdish).

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