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What political rights Kurds got from Operation Iraqi Freedom ?!! Absolutely NOTHING !

The Kurdish political street is now very frustrated.... People are really angry and everyone is waiting anxiously to see what is happening in the next few days... We were the only people who supported "Operation Iraqi Freedom" in the whole Middle East, even the Turks, USA's number one ally refused to do so.. And yet, we get no political rights... Some feel that we were used as pawns.. And this does not create a very nice political feelings...

The reasons are :-

1) Kirkuk and the Arabised Kurdish areas are still Arabised and signs of ethnic cleansing is still largely seen in Kirkuk..The Americans and the coalition call the issue "land disputes" ...what the hell ?!! What land disputes ? The bloody Iraqi government conducted an organised ethnic cleansing and the whole world was watching.. No one said anything ! And now they call it land disputes !??? Bloody hell ! 250 000 are refugees in their homeland and were kicked out by Saddam Hussein because they didn't choose to register themselves as Arabs.. Now the CPA don't let them to return...

2) The federal issue... Most Kurds want the United Nation to actually mention that the Kurdish minority rights must be protected in Iraq and Iraq must be a federal state in order to protect Kurds who have suffered the most in Iraq simply because of their race..

3) USA is keen on not to give any high posts to Kurds in Iraq..This Monday as well Bremer have told the Kurdish leaders not to ask for PM or President..What the hell ?!! Are we being looked at as a second class citizens again ?!!

4) Before 09/04/2003, we were ruling the same areas that we are ruling today.. We didn't get any inch back.... We actually have lost some cities which Saddam Hussein was himself describing as "Kurdistan" such as oil-rich Khanaqeen..

We thank the Americans for the no-fly-zone ! But people are now asking serious questions...Why Kirkuk was not included in the NO FLY ZONE ?!! IF US is a real friend of Kurds, why she didn't stop the ethnic cleansing in Kirkuk over the last 13 years, and why not alllow the return of the Kurdish refugees to Kirkuk now ??? Are we leading a double-standard world ? Or USA does not want Kurds to have oil ?! I think this is the case..

People are quite disappointed...Some say that if we were doing what the Sunnis and the Shias are doing, we could have been respected.. Fallujah fought the Americans and Paul Bremer agreed on the return of Fallujah's beloved Baathiests to their town... Shias are now fighting and US will withdraw from Najaf and Karbala (don't forget Al-Sistani's call for direct elections)...
And Kurds what ? Stayed silent and got no rights...

Congratulations my friends. We have just being sold out.
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