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When Arabs were trading with women... they were not violating Islam..

From watching Al-Jazeera, what we see is that big headed Egyptians or Algerians or Syrians or Saudis attacking Kurds and the American liberation of Iraq, while they were not saying a "word" when Saddam was massacaring millions..

I don't know what Kurds have done to some Arabs... I honestly don't understand why some Arabs hate Kurds so much..... Recently, the Arab Journalists Union demanded that the "Kurdistan Journalists Union" should not be a permenant member of the World Journalists Union... WHY ?!! I just don't know..

I don't think all Arabs hate Kurds.. even if some do, I don't know why.. I would love to find out... But I think that those who hate Kurds, are the minority who control the Arab media...Therefore they look huge...

Some, justify their hatred by saying "Kurds have helped the Americans to "invade" (liberate) Iraq"... But they don't ask why Kurds did that.. If they ask so, they will answer themselves..

Now what would you do if you find out after 16 years that your mom and sisters were sent to Egypt to work as protistutes for fat filthy rich Arab men ?

I don't even want to think about that.. But for a group of Kurdish families whose daughters were sent to Arab countries to work as protistutes is a big disaster..

This report it shows that some Kurdish women were sent from Iraq to be prostitutes for Arab men...They were Kurdish womens captured during the first second phase of the anti-Kurdish genocide operations nicknamed "Anfal".

Anfal is a chapter of Quran, the Muslim holly book. In this chapter, it says that you can attack non-beleives and steal their money and their women... I don't know what is "holly" in stealing Kurdish Muslim women and sell it to filthy rich Arab Muslim men.

When this came out last June there was a big shock in Kurdistan.... People are still shocked... An official Iraqi Intelligence document was found containing the names of 17 women some as young as 14 to be sent to Egypt to work in some Egyptians nightclubs as protistutes..

Now isn't this an illegal actions according to International Justice and according to Islam ?!!! but the Egyptian government denies it........
Now where are those Muslim fanatics who fight in the name of Islam ?!!!

Also according to this report "In Iraq, Shias and Sunnis turning against the Kurds" asks the question, why should Kurds remain part of Iraq where they are being looked at as traitors who should be killed ?!

Qouted from the article In Shia neighborhoods of Baghdad, anti-Kurdish sentiments are vitriolic. "The Kurds are traitors ... How can they talk about wanting to be Iraqis when they support the Americans?"

I don't know why the Kurdish leaders insist so much of being part of Iraq when they are always being labelled as "traitors" who need to be eliminated.. Why not get ourselves out from this mess ?!!

I would like to aks those big-headed people who come on Al-Jazeera and attack Kurds and the American liberation of Iraq, what would you do if your sisters and mothers were sent to America to work as protistutes in Las Vegas ?!!

You wouldn't join the so-called Iraqi Resistance, would you ??!!!!

Great, but sad report :
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