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Ethnic tensions in Kirkuk

Thanks to Paul Bremer's unjust rule in Kirkuk, ethnic tensions are rising in that city.
Recently, 5 Kurds who chose to join the Iraqi army were captured near Samaraa, killed by our Arab brothers, and then their bodies were burnt and paraded in the city.

No one talked about this incident. When 4 American contractors were killed in April, we all know what happened back then.

This time even the American adminstrations not just didn't carry out an investigation, but they also didn't condenm the barbaric attack.

Yesterday, some furious Kurds, who have decided to take the law into their hands because Bremer continues to act like Saddam Hussein with Kurds, raided the Kirkuk garage and kidnapped 10 Arab drivers from Samaraa.

While I condenm this action, I also condenm the actions of the CPA and Paul Bremer.
When 5 Kurds decide to join the Iraqi army, the army who gassed and mass-murdered them, they are being killed and burnt and paraded while Arab men and women and children celeberate for their death.
I think that the Arab drivers must be let go and a quick investigation by the CPA must be carried out on why 5 Kurds were killed & burnt & paraded in Samaraa ! Otherwise the hate-cycle will go on and on.
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