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Ethnic tensions reach Samara'a

While the mayor of Kirkuk and the Kirkuk Police have both confirmed that no drivers from Samara'a have been kidnapped in Kirkuk. (Thanks God)..They have accused Al-Arabiya of trying to create ethnic tensions. [Source]

The PUK daily Kurdistani Newi, has published today that the Kurds in Samara'a are being expelled from their houses by Arabs.

Saddam Hussein expelled Kurds from Kirkuk and Khanaqeen to the southern Iraqi cities from 1963-2003. There are around 400 Kurdish houses in Samara'a.
According to Kurdistani Newi, the Arab nationalists in Samara'a have warned the Estate Agents in Samara'a not to sell any Kurdish houses because they want to expel the Kurds just like they were expelled from Kirkuk, with absolutely nothing on.

Many Kurdish families have fled the city towards Kurdistan.

Also the newspaper confirms that last week the Arab nationalists have bombed a Kurdish district of the city. A Kurd named "Waleed Rostam" is injured.
Also last week, 5 Kurds were killed, burnt and paraded in Samara'a by Arab nationalists.

Where are the New Iraqi Government & CPA ? Why are they silent ?!!

There is an Arabic saying "Silence is the sign of acceptance". !!

Where is the peaceful co-existence that the Iraqi government talks about ?!
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