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First Day Of NEW IRAQ..Iraqis warn Kurds..

On the first day of the establishment of NEW IRAQ, Iraqis proved it that they have nothing new apart from their old chauvenistic attitudes.
First gift, the Iraqi Police has captured the KurdSat TV News team, while they were preparing for the broadcast of the Iraqi power handover. Everyone in all Iraq knows the KurdSat team. The KurdSat correspondenance is well famous. They are still in Iraqi jails.
Perhaps this is a remainder from the Arabs that "We are back"

Second gift, the so called Iraqi Prime Minister (Ayad Allawi) read the names of those who have suffered on the hands of the Saddam. He didn't mention Kurds at all. This is also another remainder that "Not just Saddam had problems with Kurds, but IRAQ has problems with Kurds".

Another thing, the so called Iraqi president visited Kirkuk last week with Paul Bremer. Ghazi Yawar, and in his traditional Arab dress, said that "NO one can remove a single Arab from Kirkuk"... This is another remainder that Kurds haven't benefited nothing from this Iraq-war.
Kurds are well angry about these chauvensitic Arab attitudes in Iraq. We don't see no sharing in Iraq. Kurds are sidelined again and we are going through the same cycle of suffering.
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