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It is time to walk out...Iraq is the same old Iraq....

So United States of America has now sold us out to a cleric who believes that prostitution is legal.

According to the New YorkTimes :

A senior UN official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Times that US officials had rejected the Kurdish request because of concerns about offending Iraq's Shiite leaders.

The self-determination-rights of an entire nation is ignored because the Bush Administration fears to offend non-academic cleric such as Al-Sistini... I guess Kurds should find a man similar to Sistini to scare off the Americans !! A bearded man and an Ab'aa (the black gown) will definitely gives full Kurdish rights according to the Americans.

The situation in Kurdistan is very tense. Everyone is talking about walking out from the Iraqi government. Abandoning the New Iraq which has no difference from the Old Iraq.

The old-friend of Kurds, William Safire, has written today :

In his eagerness for the approval of the Shiite religious leader — and driven by desperation to get yesterday's unanimous U.N. resolution in time for the G-8 meeting — President Bush may be double-crossing the Kurds, our most loyal friends in Iraq. <Link>

Everyone awaits a statement by the Kurdish leaders, asking the Kurdish Ministers to abandon Baghdad, and return to Kurdistan. If the Kurdish leaders fail to do this, they will lose all their remaining credibility among the Kurdish people.
One of the Kurdish Ministers, a woman, Nesrin Berwari has said that she will resign if the Kurdish leaders called her to do the same.
She says :
"All the struggles we made last year have been lost...We've seen how democracy can be usurped," she said in reaction to the Security Council resolution, unanimously passed late on Tuesday.

and :

"I'm disappointed not only as a Kurd but as a woman... This is not what we fought for, what we committed to and what we sacrificed for -- we're very disappointed in the United States."

Every Kurd is disappointed in the United States. USA has favoured the beards of an Islamic cleric over the self-determination-rights of a long-oppressed nation.

The Shiites don't show good intentions from now. They want us to go back to pre-1974 with no Self-rule-autonomy, something that even Saddam Hussein has agreed on.

Bring on the Independence papers.

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