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Kurdistan-Iraq conflict update !

I have added some updates below..check them out..

In 3 hours the Kurdistan Parliament will meet. If I couldn't update check out the news on www.KurdishMedia.com.

You can divide the situation into two sides. One from the Kurdish people, two from the Kurdish political parties.

The Kurdish people are waiting very anxiously for the political parties reaction. These political parties have failed the Kurdish people many times. So to be honest everyone is doubting that PUK and KDP will do anything that can upset USA. Almost everyone call for independence in case Kurdish autonomy was not given in a federal Iraq. KurdishMedia.com has a strong editorial.

On the other hand, the Kurdish political parties are in full-time negotiations. No one knows what the hell they are talking about..

The Kurdish televisions showed some press meeting with some high-level PUK and KDP officials outside the meetings-halls and they said that "walking out from the Iraqi government is not that easy and we are now taking every single negoiatable measure".

Both PUK and KDP are now saying that they are not in a position to decide on the Kurdish fate..So they are taking the case to the Kurdistan Parliament today.

The Kurdistan Parliament in Erbil (Hawler) will meet today with its full 105 members at 4.00 pm local Kurdistan time (around 12.00 GMT)

+ First Kurdish Minister to walk out :
Dr. Barham Saleh, the current Sulaimani Kurdistan Prime Minister, who was given a Deputy Prime Minister post in the new Iraqi government, has told Ayad Allwai, the Iraqi PM that was not going to take a meaningless role just to have a seat in the new government," "He told Allawi 'I cannot accept a post that does not have clear, defined legal powers, that represent the aspirations of the Kurdish people and demonstrate Kurds are the equal of all Iraqis,'Dr. Saleh is British educated and has lived both in Britain and USA for a about 20 years.

Update :
+ Ayad Allawi, the Iraqi Prime Minister has said yesterday that the Kurdish Peshmargas [Picture] are not militias. Calling (Peshmargas) as militia has angered many Kurds as Peshmargas have their own academic military colleges in Kurdistan.

+ Jack Straw called Talabani last night and has confirmed his support for the Kurdish people. Straw has told Talabani that UK & US both support Kurds.
Where is this support Mr. Straw ? I guess your phone call was more than a threat rather than support. We don't like words. We want to see internatioally recognised written papers !

P.S. Thanks for all the Kurds from Eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan for their support. You have truely shown that political maps have no effects on our love for each other. Please email me your blog to be added in my Link section.
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