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The Kurdistan-Iraq conflict..From an American point of view...

Today I would like to post some American point of views regarding the Kurdistan-Iraq conflict..

An Exit Strategy for the Bush Administration in Iraq: Independent Kurdistan

It is in our best interest to reverse our policy and support an independent Kurdistan, for three reasons. First, we would receive Kurd support for basing all of our in-country troops in Kurdish territory. Since the Kurds like us and want us to be in their territory, the number of attacks on American troops should decline dramatically. Second, the Kurds will enthusiastically provide security for nation building activities, which is crucial because nation building cannot successfully occur when the security of the nation builders cannot be mainly guaranteed.

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Dr. Anthony Stahelski is director of the Organization Development Program at Central Washington University in Ellensbug, Washington.

Redrawing the Map: For long-lasting Mideast peace, Iraq should be broken into three nations

Until now, our premise has been to reshape Iraq as a single, democratic nation within the British-imposed boundaries of 1918. But that is, frankly, an impossible task. Anyone who has studied the region and who sees the predictable jockeying going on now for a seat in the U.S.-imposed government knows such a solution will never work. The real opportunity we have, having deposed Saddam, is to allow the three nations that comprise what we call modern Iraq—the Kurds, the Sunnis and the Shiites—to shape their own futures in a manner which coincides with the more natural evolution of their cultures.
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Retired Air Force Col. Mike Turner was a personal assistant to Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf and served as the air-operations briefing officer in the war room in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, during Desert Storm. .

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