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New blogger from Kurdistan...plus New threats by Kurdish leaders..

Ladies and Gentlement, I would like to announce the arrival of a new blogger from Kurdistan to the World of Blogs. Karda has posted his first message today. His/her blog is called "Land of Karda", a term which was first used by the Sumerians approx 3000-4000 B.C to describe the lands where Kurds where used to live (today's Kurdistan).

Moving on to the current situation in Kurdistan, everyone is anxious about tomorrow (Tuesday). The US & UK want the UN Security Council to vote on their Iraq Resolution draft. The draft does not contain any "Kurd" word and does not refer to the Iraqi Transitional Law (TAL).
Al-Sistani has called that if UN mentions TAL he will not be happy.
TAL states that Kurds entitled to a federal state within Iraq. It seems that the Iraqis now want to abandon their promises which they used to make in Kurdistan while Saddam was in seat.

The Kurdish newspapers have conducted massive number of polls in Kurdistan. The most interesting one is by Khabat, in which %97 of its participants support independence. KurdishMedia website has also been gathering Kurdish opinions on the hot current issue.

The PM of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, has stated that "Iraq's unity is in danger if UN does not guarantee Kurdish self-rule in its resolution. Talabani and Barzani (Kurdish leaders) have also stated that they the Kurdish people will not participate in any Iraqi elections, Iraqi government, etc etc if the UN does not guarantee approving TAL.

It seems that USA & UK want to sell out the Kurds for Al-Sistani and Muqtada Sader. Let's wait for tomorrow, and the days after tomorrow....
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