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A Sad Joke....

One of the leaders of PUK was talking the other day about the negotiations between the Iraqi government, and the Kurdistan Front in 1991 after the Kurdish uprising..

The Scenario
Newshirwan Mustafa = PUK leader
Tariq Aziz = Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister

Tariq Aziz : This time we want to solve the Kurdish question. We want high-ranking membes of Kurdistan Front (coalition of Kurdish and Assyrian political parties) to participate in the Iraqi government.

Newshirwan Mustafa: Wow cool..What are the posts that you give us ?
Tariq Aziz: Deputy Prime Minister, Vice President, Deputy head of Parliament...etc
Newshirwan Mustafa : Can't you for ONCE, give us a presidential post even if it was a president of a football team ??

Tariq Aziz: Nooo...Not even after 20 years..

I guess Tariq Aziz was telling the truth. Not even after 20 years. Probably he knew that even if they go, the new Iraqis who come to power will never give Kurds any decisive posts.

Welcome to old sorry New Iraq !
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