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Turning Kurdistan into another Fallujah ?!!
Since 1st of June 2004 , the anti-US sentiment and the Kurdish frustration is on the rise in Kurdistan. We have now officially being sold out. Even our leaders, who were relying on US, have now admitted in an official letter to President Bush that "Kurds have been sold out".
This is what they have to say to President Bush :
If the The Transitional Administrative Law is abrogated, the Kurdistan Regional Government will have no choice but to refrain from participating in the central government and its institutions, not to take part in the national elections, and to bar representatives of the central Government from Kurdistan.

There are many reasons for the rise of anti-US sentiment in Kurdistan. First, the Kirkuk issue. Now people understand that USA doesn't want Kurds to get Kirkuk back. Simply because it has oil..Otherwise what is the explanation that Kirkuk was not included in the NO FLY ZONE that was set up to protect Kurds in 1991 ? Doesn't Kirkuk have a majority Kurdish population ? What is the explanation for not allowing the return of the Kurdish refugees and what is the explanations for keeping the Arabisation of Kirkuk as it is today ?

Many think that USA wants a central Iraq government with the oil simply because :

OIL = ENERGY = POWER = LIFE (those who say US has a great economy which can buy all Iraq fail to remember that OIL is something that dictates our life. If OIL finishes, life will stop. Simply because we use OIL for everything in life and once it is over, all the civilisations on Earth will stop because there are no alternatives for an energy source)

Back to the rise of anti-USA sentiment in Kurdistan. Just 2 months ago, about 95% of people in Iraqi Kurdistan were supporting the US-led occupation of Iraq. I don't know what is this figure at the moment. It is definitely much lower than this.

Other reasons, US & UK have presented a draft resolution for the United Nation Security Council in which they fail to recognise the Iraqi Transitional Administrative Law (which approves Kurdish self-rule autonomy in a federal Iraq) ..

So we now feel that we are empty handed..Paul Bremer and his US Admin tell us to go back to square one in 1921 !!!! Kurds have gained many minor political gains since then..We have sturggeld since 1921 against the Iraqi governments. Now the Americans tell us to shut up just like nothing has happened ?!!

I personally don't blame the Americans for what this rise in frustration in Kurdistan. People think that if the Kurdish leaders didn't rush to Baghdad, we would have been in a much better position today. If they have supported the Referendum for Kurdistan Movement, which gathered 1.7 Million signatures, they would have now gained international support.
I don't think the USA power in Iraq can do anything in order to prevent an independent Kurdistan. The power of people is very important. The USA couldn't do much in Fallujah..They couldn't do much in Najaf and Karbala (note these areas are open in the desert)...I don't think they can do much in the hard mountainous region of Kurdistan.

Moving on to Turkey, the Turkish government did not accept a US invitation for Turkish troops to enter Iraqi Kurdistan in return for a military passage for USA through Turkey simply because they feared a rise in Kurdish-nationalism among the 20 Million Kurds who live next door to Iraqi Kurdistan. They feared people ! This is what scares government ! The power of people !
We have now officially reached a deadlock. The USA does not have much for Kurds in the new Iraq (apart from telling us to ignore our identity which we have been fighting for , for almost 80 years) !! The Kurdish leaders should now only concentrate on one thing and that is the Referendum Movement !
Many think that we have given a great price for freedom.. We have given many martyrs.. A little more struggle towards total freedom and independence will worth every single drop of blood.

Otherwise when we gonna learn from the history ?!!

Read the commentary from this American website (Slate) on selling out Kurds by USA

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