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US soldiers remove Kurdish writings from Kirkuk University

In a non-democratic and uncivilised act, a group of US soldiers were ordered by the CPA to remove the title of Kirkuk University which was written in Kurdish, and replaced the writing with an Arabic one.

The reason ?! They said there was "Kurdistan" word on the board.

OK.. fair enough...But why replace it with an Arabic one ? Why not add both Arabic & Kurdish to it ?!

Isn't Kurdish now the official language of Iraq too ?! Are our American ex-allies are turning into current-enemies ?

It seems that Paul Bremer is defending the Arabisation process of Kirkuk. First, remove all the Kurdistan flags on the streets of Kirkuk, second oppose the return of the Kurdish refugees, third removing Kurdish writings ?
I am not describing Saddam Hussein in the above paragraph. I am describing Paul Bremer's adminstration in Iraq. No difference yeah ?!
Bremer's man in Kirkuk has said that this was because to prevent ethnic tensions. OK...fair enough.... But isn't Kurdish an official language of Iraq or no ?! So why not obeying Iraqi laws ?!

Another unjust in Kirkuk...Recently, a Kurdish member of the Kirkuk council was assasinated. Bremer's man said that the post is open for all ethinc groups because Bremer in resolution numbe 71 has said that posts should not be given on ethnic basis. OK again....fair enough....

But yesterday, when there was an election for the assasinated Turkmen member of Kirkuk council, Bremer's man said that only Turkmens can apply for that post..Excuse me you just said (oh shut up who you talking to)....
So the Kurdish members didn't participate in the so called-elections because it is unjust.

So BREMER if you hear me, you better don't act like Saddam Hussein or (we all know what happened to Saddam dont' we ?)

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