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Yesterday was generally sad for all Kurds...

Yesterday, 1st of June 2004, while some kids were celebrating Children's Day, most of the grown ups were sad and were speechless.. To some, this reminded them of the day in 1921 when the Kurdish problem was first created in the Middle East, when the Britons created the Iraqi state, without giving any rights to the Kurds, and without asking the Kurds if they wanted to be part of the new state or no.

This time, after 83 years, the Britons who had traveled to the New World, now called the Americans, again created the Iraqi state from scratch, without giving any political rights to the Kurds, and again, without asking the Kurds if they wanted to be part of the new state.
In both cases, self-determination-rights of the Kurds are ignored...

After 9th of April 2004, the Kurds hoped that Kurds this time really participate in ruling Iraq. They hoped that this time their self-determination-rights would be given, they hoped that their refugees would return to their homes, they hoped that were would be guarantees would be given that another genocide would not happen again.

These all did not happen. In fact, Kurds have lost some rights that Saddam Hussein himself had granted.
During Saddam Hussein's era, the vice president was a Kurd. So what is all this fuss today about the vice president being a Kurd ? There were also some other posts which were given to Kurds during Saddam...Now let's compare the posts which are given to Kurds in the new selected Iraqi government :

1) Ministry of Works (yeah right like there are any jobs in Iraq at the moment)
2) Ministry of women (yeah right like you can tell a tribal leader you can't marry 4 women)
3) Ministry of Human Rights (yeah like there are any rights of humans in Iraq)..

Other ministries included Minstry of Water Resources, and Minstry of foreign Affairs. You can say that Foreign Affairs is of a little important but it doesn't mean that much, since there are no Kurds in among the leading roles.

The Kurdish people feel betrayed... Cries of sighs are everywhere.. They feel betrayed first by their leaders, second by the Americans, who we are their only allies in the Middle East.
The Kurdish leaders were telling us all the time, don't ask for independence, they did their best to suppress the Referendum Movement. They were telling us we will not just rule Kurdistan..But Kurds will be also participating in ruling Iraq... All these promises have turned out to be lies.. The people are as angry as hell....

Tomorrow there will be a demonstration in the Kurdistan's capital of Hewler. I think it is time now to show our anger...If not it is too late.
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