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Good news from Kurdistan

I have some very good news from Kurdistan.
1) The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) is going through some major democratic changes.
The PUK senior members and its general secretary Jalal Talabani, are now in negotiation over pushing the PUK over to the European styled democratic parties.

2) The Kurdish political parties will enter the Iraqi elections united and with a single list.
This is something very exciting for people in Kurdistan. As everyone might know by now there is not a single Iraqi political group winning hearts of everyone. Every single political party in Iraq has its infuleuce in some parts of the country.

Kurds entering the elections united, might give fantastic results. I doubt it that any Kurds will vote for any non-Kurd political parties. I also doubt that any Arabs would vote for a Kurdish political party.
Thus, estimated 3 Million Kurdish voters (out of 12 Millions Iraq) will give 1/4 of the Iraqi elections.
The other 9 Million Iraqi voters, are divided between Shia political parties, Sunni Iraqi nationalists etc.
I predict that Kurds will be one of the winners between the Sunni-Shia power struggle in Iraq (that is if Iraqi political parties DON'T UNITE).
So be ready for surprises.

3)The Kurdistan general elections is still something that worries people. It is like Bush & Kerry, both PUK & KDP are quite balanced when it comes to supporters. It is not like everyone LOVES PUK & KDP, but they have no other choices.
But with the current changes within the PUK, it might produce some shifts towards the PUK.

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