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Kurds found in Iraqi mass-graves

Kurds as young as unborn babies were found in mass grave near Hatra.
These people were the victims of Anfal genocide operation, in which more than 182, 000 Kurds were killed by the ex-Iraqi government.

These people were killed, because they were "demanding their self-determination-rights".

The new Iraqi government, not to Kurds' surprise, has issued another warning to Kurds, that mass-graves like these will be created again, if Kurds ask for independence.
The Iraqi President, Ghazi Ajeel Al-Yawar, last week issued a warning to Kurds saying that "He will use all his power" if Kurds ask for self-determination-rights.

So why blame Saddam ?! He was only doing what the current Iraqi president promised Kurds. Saddam was just using all his power to suppress Kurds from self-determination-rights.
Luckily, Ghazi Ajeel Al-Yawar's current power is absolute nothing. His country (Thankfully) is occupied and he can't "use all his power" to suppress Kurds at this moment.
Condemnation of the Iraqi President's warning is everywhere in Kurdistan. I am sure if he comes to Kurdistan (that is if he dares), he will be greeted with eggs.

I hope that President Bush will not say "We liberated these people from a tyrant like Saddam", where Saddam was only doing what the current Iraqi President is promising to do.
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