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Millions to demonestrate world-wide to support a Referendum for Kurdistan.
Sleep Talking Millions of Kurds are expected to demonestrate on 2nd of Ocotber in all parts of Kurdistan, including Kirkuk, as well as in Europe, USA and Austuralia to show their support for a referendum for Kurdistan. It is expected that millions will attend in Kurdistan while thousands are expected to gather in almost all the European capitals.

and now the nightmare starts....
The Iraq of Hope & Peace between Kurds & Arabs :

Kurds killed in September 2004,
3 Kurdish teens were beheaded by our Arab brothers in Mosul. <link>
12 Kurdish police were shot dead by our Arab brothers in Baquba. <link>
23 Kurds were killed in Kirkuk another Arab brother in Kirkuk. <link>
1 Kurd was killed in Samarra while he was on a visit to Baghdad.
1 Kurd was killed, and 2 others were wounded in another anti-Kurd attack near Khalis.
1 Kurdish bodyguard of Kirkuk's mayor killed <link>
Kurds are told to leave Fallujah before Ramadan or will be killed. <linked>

and many more stories..

Sorry we have had enough...We can not live in a state where we are being targetted becaue of our identity. for over 84 years.Bring on that damn referendum now !

Back to sleep.
I was very sleepy and accidently changed the template, all my link collections were gone. What a disaster.
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