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Ansar Al-Sunnah uses US telecommunications ***updated****
I have subscribed to one of the Ansar Al-Sunnah websties so that they send me updates about their horrible behaviours. I know it is a bit sad, but come on ! We have to be "sad" sometimes.
O.K. I received an email telling me of their new website. I visited their new site and I forwarded the email to one of my freaky cousins. My freaky cousins says he has managed to get their I.P. address.
How can I say this, well...ermmm....Ansar Al-Sunnah uses a US sattelite mobile to access the internet. The US company is called IntelSat ! This company's detail is :

person: ******
address: 15237 Sunset Blvd #123
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
phone: +310-440-0411
e-mail: peter@zimble.com

Watching "Enemy of the State" movie, now I think that it is impossible for some big organisations like CIA not to have found Ansar's location, taking into accounts that they are using US sattelite communications. But have they ?!

I got a few emails telling me to publish the IP address of the Ansar dude. OK fine. I could end up being the star of the next Al-Zarqawi hottest and best-selling movie, but never mind. Now tell me you can't locate that mobile phone CIA freaks?!

Oh yeah, someone is collecting all Fallujah related photos and have posted them on his/her blog. There are about half a Million visitor visiting that blog ! Don't miss it Fallujah Photos !
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