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Doesn't USA have any companies ?!

After April 2003, USA "invaded" Iraq, and Turkish & Iranian companies invaded Kurdistan.

Both Iran & Turkey opposed the war on Iraq, but just as soon as the war was declared over, Iranian & Turkish companies rushed to sell their products and participate in investing in Kurdistan.

Where the hell is the American companies ?!

The adverts on Kurdistan's Tvs are for Turkish teas, Iranian carpets and reconstruction companies, Pakistani rice "euugh", Iranian reproduced Samsung TVs, but no products from the "liberators" ?!

The airports, the universities, the schools, the new 5 star hotels, etc etc all being built by Turkish & Iranian companies.
I think it is because the Americans see IRAQ as "Danger Zone". Good news, Kurdistan is no danger zones.
The Turkish & the Iranian companies know that, and they are making big $$$$ out of it.

More information on investment in Kurdistan :

www.kinvest.org (Sulaimani) (ignore under construction title.)
www.kurdistancorporation.com (Hawler & Duhok)
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