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Fallujah & Newspapers

The long awaited "clean-out" attack on Fallujah has started. Many hope this will clean out the area from terrorists.
The commander in cheif of the Iraqi 36 Battalion was a Kurd, he fled the army the day after he was given a breifing on the Fallujah assault.
I don't have any explanations for his act, maybe perhaps the Fallujah plan is very aggressive that could result in many civilian casualties, he must have thought "Oh I won't participate in this."
OR he could have been assigned to the frontlines and he was scared to be killed, hmmm true, why to be killed for the sake of Fallujah ?! Sounds reasonable if you are in his shoes.
Well these are just my own thoughts, I guess if an Iraqi or Kurdish newspaper sees this they will publish it the next day qouting "their internet souces".
Many newspapers just translate loads of craps and junks and publish them qouting "The Internet".
Perhaps still now many beleive that anything published on the internet can be the truth. Anyways, our newspapers will be "BLANK" if there weren't the "internet articles". But there are still some good quality newspapers.

The Sulaimani University this year has accepted around 110 overseas students. I don't know if the "term" overseas is the right term. Because 80 of these students are Kurds from Iranian Kurdistan and 30 others are from Syrian Kurdistan.

No wonder why Turkey is worried about "developments" in Iraqi Kurdistan. Simply because "Freedom is like cancer, once infected, it spreads out through all over the body".
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