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Fierce Fighting Erupts in Mosul

. First, a new Kurdish blogger on board. This guy is a famous Kurdish WEBSTER and has created many professional websites. He has returned from Sweden to Kurdistan to build a hotel ! Interesting Episode to follow !! Does he succeed ? Does he fail ? Does he fall in love with a US soldier (MARENZ and of course a female) ??? Check it out.

Fierce fighting has been erupted in Mosul, according to the. PUK-Media reporter in Mosul.
The reporter says that fighting has erupted between terrorists and US fighter planes and the sounds of explosions can be heard everywhere where terrorists are sheltering.

Casualties are like this so far :
Civilians: 26 injured and 4 killed (Al-Jumhuriya and Al-Salam hospital figures).
Terrorists: 15 killed and their corps are in the streets of Mosul.

In another attack on US forces in Mosul, a terrorist in a car attacked a convoy of US forces near Al-Sheikh Fathi police station and this resulted in burning a few cars.
Another terrorist just blew up himself near Saddam's old palace in Mosul resulting in burning a US vehicle (unknown US casualties according to PUKMedia).

Also, curfew is placed in Mosul from 4 p.m. Iraq local time till another announcement.

Also, the biggest joke of the day must be .this video from Fallujah. They showed around 5-6 unknown humans wearing Iraqi National Guard clothes and claiming they were prisoners.
They said we will not kill them but we kill anyone we capture from now and on. This is a joke. That video has not being produced in Fallujah, and these people are not ING.
If I was Allawi I'd have said "KILL THEM" ! They are acting.Otherwise why not show their faces to be recognised ?!

Check out . to know how Al-Jazeera works and this . to see how Fallujah looks like .

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