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Happy Jezhn (Eid)

Today is the first day of "Ramadan Eve" (Jezhn or Eid). For Kurdistan, there is nothing abnormal, apart from tight security measures. But as usual, people are trying to make the most of it.
The declaration of the "Emergency State" has naturally divided Iraq. It is natural because we don't accept such declaration in our regions.

This is Kurdistan, not Iraq.
Some Kurdish bloggers have made that as their slogans, such as Kardox and Avasin.This "Eve Jezhn" , many come to this conclusion again. Iraq is the war-torn country, and there are no signs of war in this region.
An examplehere
"I have no connection to Iraq," said Kharman Khasrow, 21, a history student at the University of Sulaymaniyah. She does not speak a word of Arabic.

"I've never been to Iraq. I wouldn't even want to go there," she said. When reminded that the Kurdish provinces are part of Iraq, she smiled and said: "I am in Kurdistan, not Iraq."

Many are worried about our boys being sent to Mosul. There are mixing reports about the city. One claims that Peshmargas are in control, as the re-enforcement sent by the Iraqi Government were all ex-Peshmargas, others claim that Peshmargas were sent to protect the Kurdish associations and suburbs in Mosul.

My blessings for all my readers, Dilnareen, Medya , Kardox and the KBU folks, Karda, Avasin, Ziyad, Omar, Salam and the rest of the bloggers (with no exceptions) !
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