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IRAQI government axes Kurdish officers graduated from Kurdistan Military Colleges
Kurdish officers who were graduated from military colleges in Kurdistan in the last 13 years will be axed, according to the Iraqi Interium Ministry.

The officers are border guards in Khanaqeen, an Arabised-Kurdish city on the eastern border. They were told that their qualifications are invalid and soon they will be replaced with 650 Arab officers.

In any democratic country, the police forces must be local. First, they speak the language, second they are local and know the area.
But this is a racist move, planned by the pro-Baath Diyala Governer. If the Kurdish leaders accept the Iraqi order, they destroy their what is left of their reputation in Kurdistan.

In Mosul ....
In Mosul a group of terrorists attacked a PUK headquarter, but funnily 10 of them were killed and 5 were arrested by the PUK Peshmargas. We have a Kurdish saying, "He went to get beard, but he lost his moustache".

Friday Prayer in Sulaimani
Most Imams are telling people to vote in the elections for the Kurdistan list. The most striking part was one of them who said "There are nations of 500,000 people, have a parliament, have a state and are proudly participating in the world. But a nation of more than 40 Millions, are still stateless in the 21st century and are being deprived from even minortiy rights.


While an Iraqi blogger Raed says "Out of Respect" to Arafat, I would like to remind him of this photo.

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