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Mosul Latest
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Mosul Latest
Latest images from Mosul. from GettyImages
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Mosul Latest
*In Mosul: Attacks on the offices of Kurdish political parties

*Kurdish leaders meet to discuss Kurdistan's security issues. The meeting is taking place as fierce fighting in Mosul goes into its third day. It was not clear if the Kurdish leaders’ summit had to do with clashes in Mosul where Kurdish peshmergas, at Baghdad’s request, have taken part against the insurgents.

*Kurdish officials have sent thousands of Peshmerga fighters into Mosul

*operations to regain the western part of Mosul, with only a handful of isolated attacks with small arms fire, were under way.

The Western part of Mosul (Right side of the Tigris) is the more important part of the city. The western part is pro-dominantly Arabic, with a noticeable Assyrians, and Chaldeans population.
The Eastern side, (left side of the Tigris) is pro-dominantly Kurdish (not entirely).

*If you look at this map(not very accurate just to give an idea), you can see that due to Saddam's Arabisation campaign, the Eastern side of Mosul is totally ignored. Most of the civlised buildings are in the Western party.

*Amer, talks about the consequences of a civil war in Mosul on the business enviornment in Kurdistan

*A report about what happened in Mosul yesterday. Though I have posted the key events here, but this is a professional way to tell people about it.
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